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Well, we only have a couple of weeks left of term 2 and we’ve had an exciting time so far. We’ve been taught by Miss Chappell this term, who is a trainee teacher. She’s leaving us on Friday and here are our thoughts about some of the things she’s taught us:
Evie -i have enjoyed her wonderful singing.In art we did lakshmi footprints we had to paint our feet it got quite messy.
Emily – i enjoyed doing the rangoli patterns in RE. I also liked the song in french for the days of the week.
Rebecca – I have enjoyed having a new teacher for a term.
i have also enjoyed the topic in science (electricity)
Sienna – i have enjoyed having miss chapple as a new teacher, she has been lots of fun and i liked all the lessens she has done because she always make them exciting.
George – i enjoyed ICT and science becase we have been using electrical circcuits.
zak – i enjoyed science because i know everythink about electricity
Demi – i enjoyed it with miss chapple i like science and this term were learning about electricity and thomas edison invented the light bulb he was the scientest. In maths we did measures and made salt dough and in literacy we did similes about snow flakes. I wrote this ‘the snow flake was sparkly as glitter.’ Thank you for teaching us miss chapple.

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