Max’s story called Madness

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One hot summer day ,Max was getting changed for a party. “Budum,budum , there was a noise outside his door. He quickly wracked his brain & thought what it could be. The terrifying noise was coming cioser and Max was begining to get scared.”Bang,” Julie[ Max’s mum] came rushing in and muttered under her breath,”can you hear that noise?”. Yes replied Max, I do not understand where it is coming from”. ” Lets getout of here before we get killed”! They rapidly ran out of the house miles and miles they went until the house was out of sight. ” hands up” said someone angrily. Max spun round to see a boy pretending to hold a gun. ” How stupid are you?” screamed Max.” What did you just say to me? As quick as a flash the boy started chasing Max and his mum down the street until click,the pathway opened just below them o,oh …….. they never got to the party.

One Response to “Max’s story called Madness”

  1. sam melton Says:

    well done max it is very descriptive and educational.

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