Indian day

Posted by year4stickney on Friday Nov 30, 2012 Under Uncategorized

We enjoyed our Indian day today.  First the whole school heard the story of Diwali from our visitor, Sunita, then we made rangoli patterns using coloured pulses and lentils and even pasta.  We also made diva lamps from clay, which we will paint next week. 

Later we had a workshop with Sunita, who told us more about India.  After that we tucked into naan bread, popodoms and raita.   A good day was had by all!

5 Responses to “Indian day”

  1. tia4 Says:

    IT is a good miss brabben from tia

  2. logan4 Says:

    it seems you must of like it?
    did you do much?

  3. logan4 Says:

    looks like it was fun hope you do lots more indian.

  4. jack4m Says:

    good blog

  5. jack4m Says:

    i love it miss brabben

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