Here’s what we’ve been doing.

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Class 4 have been up to lots of things since we last blogged. Here’s some of them:
(Mollyann) I like the weaving and brading like the Anglo saxons and I really enjoyed them,
(Evie) in art we did roman mosaics and it was so much fun but it got a little bit messy,
(Ella) in art we made some roman shields all sorts of kinds of shields we also used all sorts of metirials it was very fun,
(Ruby) in art ive liked making shields we had lots of different metirials it was so fun,
(India)in year 4 we have also made a viking long ship we had to stick some bits and bobs on to make the viking long ship look good,
(Emily)i liked art when we made the viking long ships.Also when we did the romans we did shileds which was really fun.All of the stuff we have done in yr4 has been really fun but world book day was the best.

(stephanie)i’ve really enjoyed class 4 I really enjoyed learnig about anglo-saxons. the weaving is really fun I tryed it at home and it was really hard. in anglo-saxon times they did braiding we had a try it was a bit easy. in art we made are own shealds. (It got a bit messy there was glue everywhere once we had finshed it took us half an hour to tidy up) in since we lernt about fiction,. In maths we did the venn dirgrams and caroll dirgram. But the thing i enojed the most is spending time with my freinds.

(Demi)in year 4 we made viking long ships what was fun in maths i done venn diagrams and we done time witch was very confusing but i done it on mondays and tuesdays i done clubs monday was cooking and gardening and tuesday we done drawing thank you miss brabben for teaching

(Haylie) In year 4 we learned about vikings, Anglo-saxons and romans.It was really fun and i really enjoyed it. In maths we learnt about collum addition and venn diagrams and stuff like that. In literacery we learnt about play scripts and past and present tense that was my best part!


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