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Well, it’s been a while since Year 4 have blogged. The new Year 4 class have been in Class 4 for nearly 3 months now and been very busy.
In term 1 our topic was ‘food for life’ and as part of that we visited ‘Woodlands Organic Farm’, near Kirton just outside of Boston. Here’s what some us thought about our visit:

Jack H-C : It was a cold day. We were given sticks to collect things on to remember the day.

Stephanie: I enjoyed stroking a chicken and packing eggs and seeing the turkeys in their pen. I also liked it when we had a walk around the farm – we picked beans and blackberries. We also saw the packing shed.

Cody: I really enjoyed collecting things for my memory stick. I picked up feathers and leaves. I liked seeing the chickens. I also liked packing the eggs.

Emily: I liked picking beans and feeding the pigs. We saw lots of different animals. I thought it was good when we went into the turkey pen. I thought it was strange how they stared at us.

Grace: I liked feeding the pigs; they didn’t look as cold as we were. I thought it was funny when turkeys made a noise like a drunk man trying to sing!

Patrick: I liked our walk around the farm because I enjoyed seeing the fields and what was growing in them. We were allowed to pick some beans.

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